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REVIEW: EMBODIED THOUGHT by Esther Kim and Rebecca Garcia

Presenting its last show until the New Year , the Samuel J. Zacks Gallery of Stong College opened its doors on November 5th to EMBODIED THOUGHT, a duo exhibition by Canadian artists Esther Kim and Rebecca Garcia. The exhibition features creative works of sculpture, photography, and illustration, capturing “…the rawness of the human experience and encourages the viewer to reflect and explore the emotional and mental burdens of the embodied thought” as stated on the Samuel J. Zacks official social media announcement for the exhibition. The exhibition uses different artistic mediums to create a working dialogue, providing viewers with an evocative image and presentation of the duress we endure in being human. This diversity of creativity allows for a unique gallery space, as the viewer is pulled in and around by the parallels and contrasts between large and intense sculptures of metal, limestone, wood, plaster and aqua resin, to striking black and white film, and poignantly sharp charcoal…
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Summer Musings

Hello all!

Another couple of months have passed, but in all honesty, time seems to have fallen into a tail spin. Ever since the strike began at York University, I feel as though I've been on the verge of summer and exam season, just waiting to see which one would overtake the other.

While I won't say I am happy with how the strike ended (I find it rather deplorable, actually), I cannot deny that it is a relief to finally have everything I had within my power, done and submitted for the completion of my third year at York.

Moving forward, I have also been finding the time to work on my writing for a fair bit. Last I posted I mentioned looking into different magazines to submit to, and I am proud to say that I have! I submitted a short piece to Cross Process (, after my sister spoke quite highly of them, and after taking a look into their publication myself. The piece took me a fair bit of time to work through, and naturally there were phases of strug…

Catching Up

Hello all!

It has been quite a few months since I have even considered sitting down and updating this blog. So much of everything and yet nothing seems to have been going on since I updated about my show with V.J. Paluck I am not sure where to begin. I am still in disbelief that the show even happened and it makes me so happy to even think about it.

I have met with V. J. Paluck recently to talk about the future. As always, we never like to take the time to rest. It is always about the work, and I think that it is one of the reasons we get along so well. We already have a project in mind for next year, although it is a much larger one (at least on my end).

You see, I have written (and re-written) a play, numerous times over the course of the last five years. It is a relatively short play, written originally as a submission to the Sears Drama Festival (now the National Theatre School Drama Festival), and has been a shared passion of both myself, V.J. Paluck and Cogitian, who have been a…

Thanks and Ever Thanks

Hello all!

This is a late night posting but even the best of times must give way to the ever pressing grind of essay work. I wish I could have shared this update sooner but time escaped me, so I am updating after the happy occasion. As the few of you who read these posts are well aware I had a project in the works with my friend VJ Paluck (, and the pieces I wrote to accompany his artwork were going to be displayed at the Samuel J. Zacks Gallery at York happened!

I wish I had written to give the details before the reception, but I was just so busy actually setting it up I hardly had the time. The show is thankfully still running until March 2nd if you would like to check it out, although the gallery is currently closed for reading week. However if you have time from February 26th-March 2nd the gallery is open from 11:30-5 Monday-Friday.

The reception went well. More people than I could have imagined showed up and it was a wonderful experience that …

Tis the Season

Hello all!

It has been awhile. Since my last post I have hardly found the time to think, let alone write. Many story ideas have been pushed to the side in the pursuit of good grades, but now all the essays and exams are finished and I will hopefully be able to start my own personal writing again. I have an amazing story idea that I have laid some ground work on, but I would love to see it come to fruition. It may or may not, but I do feel rather strongly about it, and I would like to see it complete and not forgotten in a notebook.

So, to cover a project I have been discussing practically from the beginning, I have some rather exciting news to share. Some of the pieces I wrote, in collaboration with Victor Paluck will be appearing at the Samuel J. Zacks Gallery at York University, some time in February. Paluck wants the pieces to be on display with his work, and while we have a lot of organizing left to do, this is exciting for me. As a writer, it is wonderful to get to work with some…

Friday the 13th

Hello all!

I should have known this would happen. I should have known once school had started that I would fall behind on updating. I deeply apologize to the few of you who do take time to read these posts of mine. Hopefully you understand that, while writing is a passion and future goal, there are a great many other obstacles that come our way in life. We do not always have the opportunity to sit down and write about our day to day passing. I haven't even updated my own personal journal since the start of the new semester. So life goes.

I am enjoying school, although my creative writing class is the exact opposite of what I wanted. A great deal of it feels forced and unnatural, and the Professor is more opinionated than I would care for. I much preferred the T.A. from my Introduction class last year, but beggars cannot be choosers. The rest of school is buried within essays and online forums. I am already looking forward to when this semester ends and I will be able to enjoy the …

August and End of Summer Greetings

Hello Again!
We have now moved into August, and I hate to say that summer is coming to an end. Soon I will be back at Uni, and will have to update you from the discomfort of the common areas. I can never find a seat in the library...
In all honesty, I am excited to start school again. While it can be stressful I enjoy the learning aspect of it, and am looking forward to the various topics within the English department that I am going to be able to take. I'l also have my first official creative writing workshop that I get to attend! I had the professor last year for my introduction to creative writing course, and while she was a bit strange I do believe that she has a great deal of knowledge on the subject matter.
Either way I do have a few things to wrap up before the summer comes to an end. The last time I wrote here I had completed 3 out of 11 pieces for my collaboration with VJ Paluck and now I have completed 6. I am halfway through another right now, which I will be attempting…